CST Mountain Adventure

This past weekend a group of about 10 of us from CST headed up to Laurel Mountain to go camping. I really haven’t gone many places this summer and I have been working pretty hard so it was good to just get away, although I did bring my laptop and EVDO card. Luckily for me there was no cell phone service at all where we were at so my laptop was basically useless. Laurel Mountain is about an hour and 45 minutes from my apartment. Once you get up there, there really is not much there, which makes it feel like you are away from civilization.

We stayed in a cabin that has been in Nik’s family for a while. It is normally used for teen camps and things like that. The cabin is a short walk from Laurel creek where you are able to go fishing and swimming. Some parts of the creek are 10 feet deep! There are also large rocks that you can go climbing on.

We found a random cabin that was in the woods. Surprisingly it was left unlocked so we decided to check it out. It was really creepy inside and there was a journal dating back to 1995.

The camping trip was great and it gave me a chance to totally forget about the stress of work, especially since we really had to contact with the outside world. Hopefully we will go on another camping trip soon!