Working a Day Ahead

If you are a content creator like me then you are always working to put out new content. If you are not actually making the content you are editing and finalizing it. This takes up a lot of time and if you have to meet a deadline you can really stress yourself out trying to make that deadline. A couple of years ago I had this problem, especially with school and a real job. I got really stressed and ended up not doing anything for an entire week! Content sites rely on new content so if you go any long period of time without updating you lose visitors as well as revenue.

Have a Good Start
Like I said I did not work for a week because I was so stressed. Instead of getting back in the same routine just for it to happen again I took a day out to just write articles / reviews. That way I have a good amount of content ready to be posted. That day was really hard but it paid off because I had content for the entire week.

Have a Routine
I took 1 day to write a bunch of articles, but I could not do that each week. After you have a good amount of content you should setup a schedule where you pick days to do certain tasks. Say Monday you write a few articles, Tuesday you follow up on e-mails and do some editing, then Wednesday write a few more articles. As long as you have a schedule and keep with it you should be able to pump out content on a constant basis.

Timestamp is your Friend
If you are using any type of content management system or blogging software it should have a timestamp feature, where you post articles, but they will not be published until the time you specify. This means you can post something on Monday and have it be published on Tuesday. So on Tuesday you do not have to worry about posting anything, just concentrate on other work.

Being overloaded with work can lead to burn out and that is a killer for content creators. I’ve been the victim of burn out a few times and it has really hurt my websites. That is why I try to work at least 1 day ahead if not more.