The Zoo

Yesterday Ashley and I took a trip out to the Pittsburgh Zoo.  The last time I was there was almost 4 years ago when I had to do my Freshman community service project when I went to Robert Morris.  Since that time a lot has changed.  Some things are still the same, but there are some really cool new animals and a completely new aquarium.  Some of the animals that I didn’t know they had there were a komodo dragon, which was one of the first things you saw when you entered the zoo.  There was also the usual tigers, bears, lions, birds, etc outside.  It is really cool to see animals that you would not normally see.

After you walk around outside there is a building that looks like an aviary, but it is where they keep all of the monkeys.  There were all different types and there were even babies, which was a cool thing to see.  Out of all the monkeys the orangutan’s where the funniest to watch they kept of fighting and swinging around!

The last stop at the Zoo is the aquarium.  I was suprised to see a completely new aquarium, the PPG Aquarium.  It was really cool inside.  There were tons of tanks with all different types of fish.  Each tank portrayed that fish’s natural habitat.  Also some tank’s has a "setting" with like trees and other things to make you think you were actually there which was also a nice addition to the new aquarium.  One of the coolest things that I saw at the aquarium was the jelly fish tank.  It was filled with jelly fish and it looked amazing, it was proabably one of the most popular tanks!

The aquarium is not finished so Ashley and I will have to go back when it is done.  Overall it was a nice way to spend Labor day, even though it was kinda packed with little kids running around!!