The iPhone 4 So Far…

If you didn’t know a few week ago I went out and purchased an iPhone 4. My 3G was getting really slow and I figured I could sell my 3G for about as much as I was going to spend on the new phone so I went and got the new iPhone 4. Since getting the phone I’ve been quite impressed and I haven’t really had any issues, so here is my experience so far. Keep in mind I’m going from an iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4.

The first thing I noticed on the phone was actually the screen. It is extremely clear and looks a hell of a lot better than the screen on the 3G. Everything looks better and much more clear on the newer iPhone 4. Also the weight and design of the phone make it seem more compact and easier to hold and use.

The biggest improvement I’ve seen over my iPhone 3G is the performance. The A4 processor that is in the iPhone 4 really does pack a punch and apps load extremely quick. On my 3G apps would take some time to load and if they needed to access the GPS or internet they would take even longer to load! Multi-tasking works great and I haven’t once had to restart the phone because it was running slow.

Another thing that I really like about the iPhone 4 is the camera. First I can finally shoot video with the iPhone 4, and not only that 720p HD video! The picture quality is the camera is great and don’t forget there is a second camera on the front of the phone that allows you to take self-portraits or pictures with friends easily. Having a video camera and good digital camera all in one really makes my Flip camera basically useless.

The big problem with the iPhone 4 is the dropped call issue, which I actually have experienced a few times. Apple does offer a free case with the phone that should help with the problem. This is not a huge problem to me as I really have not experienced it frequently enough for it to be a problem. The only other problem I’ve had with the phone is that when I go in an elevator and the phone loses service when I get out it sometimes does not get service back unless I restart it.

Overall my experience with the iPhone 4 has been great and if you are still using a 3G or 3GS I would definitely upgrade. Like I said if your old phone is in good shape you should be able to sell it for the $200 you are going to buy the iPhone 4 for.