The Drake Concert

A few weeks ago I had the chance to go to the Drake concert. I actually had not planned on going to the concert, but I ended up winning tickets in a contest. I had two free tickets so why not right? After talking to a few people my 2 good friends Kimiko and Krissy actually were taking a bus to the concert, so I decided to go with them. The concert was at 1st Niagara Pavilion, which is about 30 minutes from Pittsburgh.

Taking a bus is a great idea because you don’t have to worry about driving and you can bring everything for a great tailgate party in the bus. We brought food and alcohol with us and had a pretty good tailgate. Since this was such a big concert I ran into so many people that I knew.

After a while we decided to go into the actual concert. We got in right towards the end of Waka Flaka Flame’s set so we were able to see J. Cole and Drake. We all had lawn seats, which I really liked actually. You could really relax and it was not a hassle to go get drinks or food. Anyways here are some videos I took at the concert.

I had a great time at the concert and if you ever have a chance to see Drake live I would highly suggest it.