The CES 2011 Parties

One of the best things about going to CES is the parties. Many companies throw parties to bring people together to promote their brand, but also to have fun. CES parties are a great way to network and meet new people because it is not often that you will be in the same room with CEO’s of companies you work with. The first party of CES is always the “Night before CES party”. This year it was held by Futurelooks, Zotac, Kingston & Zalman. This party is held at the Palms Place Penthouse, which has one of the best views of the strip. I took the Pano you see above from the party. Another cool thing about this suite is that it has a pool table. Dan from TechwareLabs got a great shot of me shooting pool.

The next party was held by TweakTown at Garduno’s, which is a Mexican restaurant at the Palms. One thing I really liked about this party was that there was food. After a long day of meetings and really no time for anything it was good to sit down and eat something. Another great thing about this party was that many other website owners were there. So it was great to see everyone I talk to throughout the year.

The last party I went to was the Intel, Patriot & MSI party. This party was held at one of the Sky Villa’s at the Palms. It has to be one of the coolest suite’s in Vegas that I’ve ever been in! The entire balcony is a pool! It is also the only time I’ve been in the Fantasy Tower at the Palms. This party was just crazy, they had an actual DJ and felt like a real party! Everyone was having a great time and I think we stayed there till like 3:30AM! Below is a video showing you what the party was like.