The Art of Flight

Back when I was in high school I was really in to skateboarding and snowboard, actually one of my first websites was a skateboarding website! After high school though I really lost interest in both skateboarding and snowboarding. I think the main reason was that I did not have that many people to go with and I was just so busy with college and starting to build ThinkComputers. A while ago I saw the trailer for The Art of Flight and it looked awesome. Check it out below…

What really surprised me about this movie was how much publicity it was receiving. The first time I saw the trailer was during the previews at a movie theater. That is pretty much unheard of for an action-sports movie. It was also all over the internet, on YouTube etc. This weekend I decided to check it out and I was not disappointed at all.

The movie follows professional snowboarder Travis Rice and his friends to some of the craziest places in the world. Watching this movie I just thought to myself, “They can’t be serious!?!?!”. Some of the mountains they go down are just insane, like straight down, tons of rocks etc. It really shows the courage and skill level of these guys. The movie is really about going places people have never been before.

The visuals in the movie are epic. I watched the HD version of this movie and you should if you get the chance. You can really get a sense of the scale of things and that really makes you go…WOW. The visuals also show you how beautiful and scenic the places they go are. This has to be the most well put together action-sports movie I have ever seen. Not only with the amazing visuals, but the soundtrack and the way the story is told. It is not all snowboarding, but also the adventure of getting to these amazing destinations that they visit.

Also there are some great quotes from the film, here are a couple…

“Experiencing the world through endless second-hand information isn’t enough, if we want authenticity we have to initiate it.”

“We’ll never know our full positional unless we push ourselves to find it. It’s this self-discovery that takes us to the wildest places on earth.”

“It’s not the destination, but the adventure along the way.”

The movie really made me want to get back in to snowboarding. If you have ever been snowboarding you know the feeling of going down a slope and just feeling alone and peaceful. This movie brings back that feeling. Definitely check out this movie if you get a chance, even if you are not into action-sports you will enjoy it. Here is another trailer!