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Tips On Covering The Consumer Electronics Show In Las Vegas

It’s been about a week since I’ve got back from Las Vegas and the Consumer Electronics show. What a crazy week it was! You can check out all of the ThinkComputers coverage here. Back in 2015 I wrote my Guide To Surviving CES as a Journalist post and I still feel that many of my suggestions there reign true. After this year I have a few more tips to add to the list!

4 Time Management Tips

When you are working, especially when you are working for yourself and at home time management is very important! Bad time management can really make productivity go down. Many times when my time management isn’t that good it seems like I never get anything done. This can be very frustrating going day after day feeling like I’ve accomplished nothing! This usually isn’t the case because I have implemented a few simple things that really help me with time management. So what are they?