September 2009 Thoughts

Another month has gone by and as always it went very, very fast. This month was more like a chill month I didn’t get as much work done as I would have liked to, but I still worked pretty hard. Towards the end of the month I really started to get cold here in Pittsburgh that really made me realize that summer is over. I only managed to publish 8 post in September, which was an improvement from August, but still is not what I would like to be posting. Out of those 8 posts my favorite was My G20 Experience. It was a really crazy experience and I never thought something like that would happen in Pittsburgh.

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So what was everyone checking out this month? Let’s take a look…

Glad to see some of my new posts getting a lot of traffic.

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Nice to see some new traffic sources up there!

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Looks like I forgot to do this again, I really need to make a script that does this!


All of the stats keep on going up!

On to August
Well it’s starting to get cold here in Pittsburgh, that means I will not be going outside as much which means I will be working more on this blog so stay tuned!