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Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix 2012

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is something that I have always wanted to check out. I am not all that into cars, but being able to see all of the older cars and the race was something I was not going to miss this year, especially since I live so close to Schenley Park where the event is held. The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is a weekend of races through the winding roads of Schenley Park. If you can guess by the name of the event it is all vintage cars racing, which is something you do not see everyday! You can check out the video below to see some of the action!

The races are teamed with a very large car show where you can see some of the newest cars to some of the oldest in the country! It really was a great event and if you live in Pittsburgh you definitely need to check out this event, even if you are not into cars! I took quite a few photos, it was actually a great chance to shoot with my D-SLR as I haven’t shot with it that much lately. You can check out all of the photos below! (use the navigation below to scroll through all 113 photos!)

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