October 2009 Thoughts

Wow what a crazy month it has been! First you may have noticed I have not updated this blog in a over a MONTH! That is way to long without an update! There is a good reason for this, if you head on over to ThinkComputers you will notice the new design. Not only did ThinkComputers get a new design it was moved to the WordPress platform and we even gave it it’s own hosting! So this past month has been pretty crazy, but things are slowing down a little bit. So thinking back to October my favorite post would have to be Old Media using New Media. That session was my favorite at PodCamp and was very interesting as well as funny.

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So what was everyone checking out this month? Let’s take a look…

Awesome that the PodCamp articles are getting some traffic!

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Nice to see some new traffic sources up there!

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Looks like I forgot to do this again, I really need to make a script that does this!


All of the stats keep on going up!

On to November
Well November is already almost over, but I want to get a few more posts in before the month is over! Also stay tuned for a lot of WordPress-specific posts as I am using it on a daily basis with ThinkComputers!