OCIA.net 2007 T-Shirt Design Contest

Well my buddy Shawn is hosting a T-Shirt contest for his site OCIA.net. OCIA.net is just like ThinkComputers, it is a computer hardware review site. Well OCIA is having a contest where you can win $100 via Paypal by creating an OCIA T-Shirt logo for them to use. Here is a link to the contest thread, but I will fill you in on some of the details.

Shawn will be accepting designs in both black and white versions. You will only have till April 18th to submit your designs. To submit your design all you have to do is reply to the thread with your design. Right now there are no entries so it’s anyone’s game. If you have any skills in Photoshop or graphic design then I would go ahead and enter the contest. $100 is a great prize, I’ve gotten logo’s made for only $20 on some forums so $100 is well worth the time it will take to make a T-shirt logo. Good Luck!