My Adventure Into the City

Well early this morning my friend Phil called me. He maintains my servers so when he called early I though it had to be a problem with the servers. He actually wanted to go to lunch. He has been telling me about this Chinese buffet that is downtown. He was working downtown today so he thought it would be a good day to go. Also our friend Rob works downtown so we all decided to go.

Ok first off I NEVER go into the city. There are a few reasons, one I really don’t have a need to, I work from home etc. Second there really is not much in the city of Pittsburgh to do. When I go out with friends we are either in the Southside or the Strip District. So anyways Ashley and I went down to meet Phil and Rob for lunch. Getting down there was no problem at all, but finding a place to park was another story. I had to park in a parking garage under ground. It was not that big of a deal, but I had to basically go in a circle because the first parking garage was full.

It was lunch time so a lot of people were out. It made it very hard to drive without hitting anyone. Anyways we made it to the Chinese buffet ok. The place was packed, of course its lunch time and $7 for an all you can eat buffet is a great deal. It was funny walking in there because most of the people were all dressed for work and Ashley and I came in normal clothes. The buffet was good and I enjoyed talking with Phil and Rob because I am usually very busy and they both work full time so it is hard to find time to hang out. While eating I noticed a lot of people rushing because they had to get back to work. I’m glad I’m my own boss because I can take a long of a lunch break as I want. I like to enjoy my food.

Last year my friend Alex was living in Manhattan. He would always show me pictures out of his window of the city. It was an amazing view and it made me wonder what it would be like to live in the city. After spending a few hours in the city I realized I prefer the suburbs much better.