Lenovo’s Blogger Nights

Another really cool event I was able to attend during CES this year was Lenovo’s Blogger Nights. This was a 3 day event hosted at AquaKnox at the Venetian. The entire event was hosted by Lenovo, but each night was co-hosted by someone else. Wednesday night was co-hosted by social media club, Thursday Night was co-hosted by Social Media Jungle and Friday night was co-hosted by GDGT. Because CES was so crazy we were only able to make it on the last night, which was Friday.

I had never been to AquaKnox before and it is a really cool place. There were tons of free food and an open bar as well. Lenovo’s idea for the blogger nights was getting everyone together in a relaxed atmosphere where reps are not trying to shove products in your face. Lenovo did have products setup and a demo room, but you were not required to demo any of the products.

One thing that was missing from this event was free WiFi. I had brought my laptop to actually do some work at the event and I was unable to get on the internet. If you are brining tech media and bloggers together you should have some free WiFi! All in all it was a good event though! Here are some photos from the event.