Getting out of Town

Last week I had a refreshing break from it all. You ever wish you could just get out of town for the day, or take a day to get away from it all? Well it’s been like that for me so I decided to take a day and get out of Pittsburgh. My friend Ellen wanted to hang out and she lives in Washington, DC so I decided to head down that way. It was about a 3 hour drive, but since it was mainly on 2 roads it was not that bad at all. When I got down into DC we went to lunch then decided to go to Greak Falls Park, which is only about 15 miles outside of DC. I had never been there before so I did not know what to expect. We we got down there I saw what it was all about, I can see where it gets the name Great Falls. Out of nowhere there are these really cool waterfalls! Even better you could climb right down to the water. Ellen and I hung out there for a few hours just relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

After Great Falls Park Ellen took me to the National Harbor, which is a relatively new development 15 minutes outside of DC on the Potomac river. Even though it was a bit cold we decided to walk around and check things out. The development is filled with new condos, restaurants, shops, and hotels. One thing I was really surprised to see was a Gaylord Resort. If you have never seen or heard of Gaylord Resorts they are HUGE hotels that have a big atrium that makes it feel like you are outside even though you are inside. After walking around and hanging out on the pier for a while we decided to get dinner.

After dinner I was going to head home, but it was raining like crazy so I just got a hotel and got some rest. The next day I headed home. It was such a relief to get out of Pittsburgh for the day. Work was not on my mind at all the entire trip, which is rare since I’m always thinking about work. This trip really was not the expensive either, except the hotel room, which I wouldn’t have got, but it was raining like crazy and I didn’t want to drive in that. If you have the chance to take a day off and get out of your city, you should try it, it’s very refreshing!