First Sunset at Schenley Park

It seems I’ve been at Schenely Park a lot already this summer. I go running there at least twice a week and I have been spending a lot of time at The Porch. I mean I guess it makes sense since I do live within walking distance of Schenley Park. Since I have moved here last August I have yet to go up and watch a sunset at the Schenley Park Oval.

The Oval is a section of the park that looks over the entire city of Pittsburgh. Many people go up there each night to watch the sun set. Normally I go running in the afternoon so I don’t really make it back out for the sunset’s, but the other day I decided to go running right before it got dark so I could see the sunset.

As you can see I may not have picked the best night to go up there. It was a bit cloudy, but it was still pretty cool to see. I plan on going up there again before the end of summer and I will be taking a real camera too, not my iPhone!

Is there a cool place to watch the sun set in your city? Let me know in the comments!