Becoming Personal Again…

Well the other night I went back and read every post I’ve ever written on this blog. I think I just wanted to look back over the past 6 years, but I noticed something. Up until a few years ago I was really being personal, talking about what was going on in my life, how my business’s were going etc. I honestly love reading those posts again, seeing how motivated I was and seeing the encouragement from friends and other people who commented on the blog.

Well after a night of thinking I really need to start blogging like that again. No only is it a good way to start up a great conversation again (no one really comments here anymore!) but it is also a great way for people to see what I am going through and how things are going. This also is going to serve as good motivation to get back in to personal blogging. I admit for the past 2 years this blog has been quite dormant, so hopefully I will be keeping it up to date like I used to.

One thing I really enjoyed about blogging back then was the group of bloggers I became friends with. As of right now only 2 of those people maintain blogs now. So I am going to start looking for some great personal blogs to check out and comment on. Obviously this blog will not be all personal things, I will still be talking about things that interested me, giving you tips and other things I want to write about.

Stay tuned a lot of great post are to come!