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As some of you may know I will be moving to The Woodhawk Club April 1st. Well since I’m moving I figured I needed a new bed. So where to get a bed? Ikea of course!! I’m actually lucky there is an Ikea in Pittsburgh, there are only like 25 stores total. Anyways I got…

Back up!

There was a vulnerability in our server software. Because of this vulnerability hackers were able to gain access into the server. They deleted all of our mysql databases and the backups. We did have older backups from about a month ago. So on the forums, photo gallery, and blogs we lost a month of posts….

New Phone

Well after a $475 phone bill (roaming), I had to finally upgrade my service officially to Cingular. I was with at&t, but as you know they were taken over by Cingular. When they switched over they did not automadically upgrade all at&t members to Cingular, so I got the roaming charges ūüôĀ Well now I’m…