Writers Block

As you may have noticed I have not updated since Tuesday. That’s not a good thing because I used to post once a day. There are many factors that have contributed to my lack of posts. Now these are not excuses, but I will explain them to you before I go into the other things. Time has been a big issue lately. It is the busy time for product reviews. Over at ThinkComputers we are going to be posting 4-6 reviews a week! So that is taking up a lot of my time. With all the work at ThinkComputers I am working more so the extra time I do have I try to enjoy. I don’t want to be working all day everyday!

Anyways probably the main reason I have not updated much is because I don’t have that much to talk about. I guess I have ideas, but I never seen to be able to make a decent post out of them. Maybe it’s because I do not plan them out or maybe I’m just not interested in the topic. I guess you can call it writers block. Also not being interested in what you are writing about really does not help that much either.

Hopefully in this upcoming week I can get some good posts out. Maybe spending more time at Starbucks will help. Sorry for the slow posts guys, I will get back on track soon!!