Sushi Too in Shadyside

Sushi places are few and far between in Pittsburgh and actually finding good ones is even harder. A few weeks ago I was in Shadyside looking at apartments with my friend Sebastian and it was getting late so we decided to look for places to eat. Shadyside is a great place to find unique restaurants. We were right by Walnut so we decided to cruise down and see what restaurants were there. There were quite a few, but out of all of them I really wanted sushi so we decided on Sushi Too.

Sushi Too is not that big at all (which is usually a good sign for sushi places), there are only about 10-15 booths at most. Once inside we were seated and I got a chance to take a look at the menu. Their sushi menu was quite large, they had almost everything you would expect a sushi place to have. They also had quite a few other dishes that were both Chinese and Japanese. One thing I did notice was a dry-erase board with some special sushi items listed. One thing that caught my eye was the spicy California shrimp tempura roll, so I ordered that and an order of shrimp tempura rolls, plus some wonton soup.

The spicy California shrimp tempura rolls where quite interesting. Basically they are a spicy california roll, dipped in tempura batter with a shrimp on top and the spicy sauce on top of that. They were not bad, not sure if I would order them again. My regular shrimp tempura rolls and wonton soup was great though. One thing that is great about Sushi Too is that it’s part of the Campus Food program so if you live within 2 miles of Sushi Too you can order completely online and they will deliver to you! Sushi delivered, now that’s what I’m talking about!

Overall Sushi Too is one of the better Sushi restaurants that I’ve been to in Pittsburgh. If I’m ever in Shadyside and want sushi I know that place to go now!