Pittsburgh's NHL Tweetup

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to participate in the first NHL Tweetup in Pittsburgh! Before I get into it, let’s explain what a Tweetup is. I’m sure by now you are familiar with Twitter, if you are not check out my post about it. A tweetup is basically a meeting of twitter users in a specific areas. There has been a Pittsburgh tweetup group for a while, but I’ve never had a chance to make it to one of the events. I heard about the NHL Tweetup from a few friends and I considered going. Then I heard it was actually being sponsored by the NHL and the Penguins so I decided I had to go. This was not the only tweetup going on, NHL tweetups were going on in 21 other cities as well!

The Pittsburgh NHL Tweetup was held at the Robinson TGI Friday’s. There was an entire section of the restaurant blocked off for us. I went there with my friends Sebastian (@sebdov) and Brian (@iron_citytv). When we got there we checked in and were given a bag with a 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs puck, Winter Classic magnet, and a 20% off coupon to the NHL online shop. They also had these cool name tags made for the event that has a spot for your Twitter name and your real name.

During the event we watched the game and enjoyed meeting new Pens fans. There were some really good prizes being given away as well. Some of them included autographed jerseys, autographed pucks, tickets to a playoff game, and even a NHL Gamecenter package. Although I didn’t win anything I had a great time and would definitely love to go to another NHL Tweetup in the future. Here is the story from WPXI who came to check the event out.