October Thoughts

Well I decided to start this type of post back up. I was doing it for a few months back in 2007, but then stopped. I think reflecting on the previous month is a great way to come up with new posts for your blog and looking at what people are actually reading can help you find new topics to write about. Well it’s already November and last month was not a good month a blogging for me, I only wrote 8 posts which is the lowest post count since December 2007! I really hope that his month I can get a lot more blogging done. My favorite post from October was the 3 Reason’s Your Website Isn’t Making Money post.

Popular Posts
Well what was everyone else reading in October? Here are the top 5 posts from that got the most traffic in October.

It was good to see the one of my posts from 2007 is still getting a lot of traffic!

Traffic Sources
Where is all that traffic coming from? Here our my top traffic sources for October.

Notice that Facebook and Justin.tv are listed in the top 5 traffic sources, social networking can bring you traffic!

Stats Tracker

Moving on to November
I really hope to post more than 8 posts in November, this will be #1 so I’m pretty sure I can make get 7 more posts done atleast. This time of the year is crazy for me because of ThinkComputers and that I just started ThinkPenguins, but I don’t want to stop blogging so expect more posts!