Lunch at Sushi Tomo

Over the past year I’ve gotten a real appreciation for Japanese food. I had my first Sushi back in 2006, but never really started eating it on a constant basis till about 4 months ago. After having amazing Sushi in Las Vegas from Social House and Nobu Ashley and I needed to find some good Sushi in Pittsburgh. We would normally go to Dynasty or Ichiban, where the Sushi was decent, but nothing to rave about. So last week I went into Google maps, went to Pittsburgh then searched for sushi. To my surprise there was a sushi place quite close, right on Mcknight road, called Sushi Tomo.

Pulling up to the place it was very small, but as John always says when it comes to these types of places the little ones are always the best. Once we were inside everyone greeted us and we sat down. Looking around the place was not that big inside, maybe 25 seats? We looked at the menu and for such a small place they had quiet a large menu. It was filled with tons of different sushi choices as well as traditional Japanese dishes. After looking at the menu we decided on some shrimp fried rice to start with. We decided on it because it was a safe choice since it was our first time at Sushi Tomo.

The fried rice came out steaming hot and after the first few bites I realized this was the best fried rice that I’ve ever had. The taste was amazing, nothing like any other fried rice that I’ve had before. The shrimp was cooked perfectly and the egg was cut so thin. I would go to Sushi Tomo just for the fried rice. For sushi Ashley got an order of the California rolls and an order or shrimp tempura rolls. I went with 2 orders of shrimp tempura rolls, like I said just before, to be safe since it was our first time. I fell in love with shrimp tempura rolls at Social House in Las Vegas. The rolls, while not as good as the ones at Social House, were extremely good. Both the California rolls and Shrimp tempura rolls were great, better than any other place in Pittsburgh that we have tried. Lunch for the both of us came to around $40 with tip. We have gone back twice already.