Lunch at Redfin Blues

There are not many places in Pittsburgh where you can get good seafood, let alone eat outside and have a great view of the river. Redfin Blues is a small restaurant right on the river that is a perfect place to eat on a nice summer day. Redfin Blues is located at Washington’s Landing on Herrs Island, which sits on the Allegheny River. The actual restaurant is very small, but the outside patio, which overlooks the river, is where most people sit.

One thing that is very unique about Redfin Blues is that they have all you can eat crab legs everyday for $22! Ashley and I both love crab legs so it’s perfect! Now you can get all you can eat crab legs from Chinese buffet’s, but they usually do not taste that good. The ones from Redfin Blues taste great. For the $22 you get unlimited crab legs, a salad, french fries, & vegetables.

Ashley and I went with her sister Amber and it was a perfect day too. It was sunny all day and not to humid. We all got the crab legs and enjoyed eating outside and watching boats go by. When you are eating there you really forget you are in Pittsburgh. The atmosphere is great when I say you are right on the river you really are. Here is our view from where we were sitting.

Summer is almost over so if you are in the Pittsburgh area make sure you check out Redfin Blues, it is worth the drive!