June 2009 Thoughts

Its funny how fast time flies when you are busy and enjoying things. June when by so fast it’s crazy! I really hope the summer isn’t like this! I have been busy with of course ThinkComputers and adjusting to life in the new apartment, which I love. As promised I will have a post about the new apartment very soon. Last month was once again a slow month for blogging and I am changing that this month. I am relaunching this blog, I hate when I see blogs that I enjopyed reading die out and I don’t want that to happen to this blog so I have quite a few posts ready to go so expect a lot more content on here! Out of the 6 posts from last month my favoite was What is Your Escape?.

Popular Posts
So what was everyone checking out this month? Let’s take a look…

Good to see some old posts getting traffic.

Traffic Sources

Wow interesting to see how many people are clicking those ow.ly links I post on Twitter via HootSuite.

Top Commentators
As expected I forgot to take a screenshot for this month’s top commentators. Hopefully next month I will remember!


Nice to see everything going up, hope that trend continues!

On to July
Well summer is upon us and it has hard to break away from all the fun that summer brings, but like I said expect a lot more content here on the blog!