January 2009 Thoughts

January was a great month for me, as always in January I headed to Las Vegas for CES. It was great to get away and I had so much fun on that trip. Coming back to Pittsburgh made me realize that I really need to seriously consider moving out to California. There is no point to living in Pittsburgh with the job that I have. I want to live where it never snows and is sunny most of the time. This month I only managed to get out 8 posts, most of which were about my trip to Las Vegas. I have really been putting my all into ThinkComputers so that really does not leave that much time for other things like this blog. My favorite post of January was Working From Home – No Motivation. It was the only post of last month that was not about my trip and it got the most comments. It’s always good to see people interested and commenting on your posts.

Popular Posts
So what were people looking at this month? Here are the top 5 posts from this month.

Once again many of my older posts are getting picked up and linked by other sites, that is why they still get good traffic!

Traffic Sources

Interesting to see StumbleUpon at the top, but that is because the Starting Your Day off Article got stumbled! Also Facebook is in the mix again!

Top Commentators
Another slow month for comments, but we did have a few people getting in on the conversation.

The Top Commentators for January 2009 were Colin Dean, Abalone Beads, Make Money Online, Tyler, and Moulinneuf. Thanks for contributing to the conversation guys!


On To February
As always I want to blog more, I really enjoy blogging and it gets my mind off other things that can stress me out. My time management has been much better, I have been getting a lot done between ThinkComputers and this blog, so hopefully I can keep it up!