Image is Everything

I’m writing this blog post because something interesting happened this past week when I was grocery shopping. I was at Walmart walking down the snack isle looking for some stuff and I walked by a large section of Great Value chips. At first I did not realize that they were the Good Value brand because of the new packaging. Usually when I would see Good Value I would just walk by and get something else, but because of the new packaging I decided to pick up a bag of chips. Its crazy that just because the packing was different I got chips that I would normally not get. I’m sure some of you have done that before too. This really shows how important your company logo is…

Your logo really is your identity. What do you think of when you see the Nike “Swoosh” or the Apple logo? When you see those logos you instantly think of the brand, whether it is good or bad. Usually when I would think of the Great Value brand I would think of the crappy food. Now with the new logo I think of sort of hip good priced food. The logo really helps the brand I think. That is why you see so many brands that will update their logo after a while to bring more people in.

Spend the Money
Getting a new logo or rebranding something can cost money, but if it is going to get more people interested in your product or service then it is definitely worth the cost. That is why Walmart invested some of their 250 billion dollars in sales and expanded and rebranded the Great Value brand. If you look at some of the before and after pictures of the Great Value brand you will see the difference, which is much more appealing to customers. Branding something is all about the logo so whether it’s for your company or for your blog spend some money on a good logo that when people see it they will instantly think of your brand.