Heading to Ad:Tech Next Week

I will be heading out to San Francisco on Saturday for ad:tech. Ad:tech is a conference that focus’s on marketing. They have 10 shows all over the world. So why did I decide to go to the San Francisco event? Well for one I have a few friends who live in the city and friends like John Chow are going to the event so I decided why not? Also I’ve never been out to California, the furthest west I have been is Las Vegas so I figured going to this event will give me a reason to go out to California, plus it will be good to get out of Pittsburgh.

The reason I am heading out on Saturday is that I’m going to be meeting up with some friends and they are going to show me the city. If I’m going all the way out to San Francisco I need a few days to explore the city, not just go for the conference. Also San Francisco is the home of Justin.tv and I hope to meet to crew their and stop by their offices one of the days that I’m there. Fellow Justin.tv broadcasters Jspin and Krystyl will be there too, so I am going to meet up with them.

At ad:tech I hope to meet a lot of new people and tell them about what I do. Networking is probably the main reason I am going to this event. Meeting new people, sharing ideas, and finding new ways to make money online are all things that I hope to accomplish at ad:tech. Also I am sure that John will make the trip a lot of fun, he always makes every trip I am with him at fun. I will also get to meet fellow bloggers that I have talked to online, but never met in real life.

If you are heading out to ad:tech in San Francisco leave a comment or drop me a line in an e-mail.