Get a Free $500 John Chow Review

My good friend John Chow is running a promotion with Yaro Starak since he has relaunched his Blog Mastermind program. Blog Mastermind is probably the most comprehensive course on blogging that you can find online. The course is a 6 month course that when you have completed it you shouldn’t have a problem making a living from blogging! If you want to get into blogging and are serious about it you should really enroll in the program.

A FREE John Chow Review
Anyone that enrolls in the program from John’s blog post will receive a free review on John’s Blog! That is a $500 value! This offer is only valid until the end of the month. To qualify for the free review, simply enroll for option 2 (six months all at once) or option 3 (six months plus access to the next course) and remain a member for at least 31 days. Yaro offers a 30 day money back guarantee on his course. It wouldn’t be right for someone to order the course, get the free review and then get his money back. Those ordering the course with the $97 per month for six month option will receive the free review after they’re completed the course.

Win a Slingbox Pro
Not only do you get a free $500 review from John Chow he is also giving away a Slingbox PRO. The Slingbox PRO allows you to watch and control up to four video sources, including one HD video source, from anywhere in the world on your laptop or cell phone. I got a chance to check out the Slingbox PRO first hand at CES and it’s a really cool device.

Win a Blog Mastermind Course
Not everyone has the money to enroll in the Blog Mastermind course. If you make a blog post about the offer (like I am), you have the chance to win a free course! So there is no reason to get in on this offer!