Back Home and All Moved In!

Well I’m back from my vacation in Myrtle Beach and I’m all moved in to my new place! That’s right I’ve moved once again! Back in June I moved into my friends apartment, but that was only a temporary situation until the new place was ready. 2 days after I got back from vacation I was moving into the new place, so the past week has been quite hectic!

The new place is only 5 minutes from my old place so I’m back in the city! The big difference between this place and my old place is that this place is an actual apartment building, not an old house that has been converted into apartments. This is not only an apartment building, but a high-rise! I moved in with my friend Jeremy who I was already living with and our friend PJ. Both guys are pretty down to earth and most importantly CLEAN!

So about the new place, let’s just say it’s awesome! Its a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1900 Sq. Ft. penthouse! We are on the top floor which is the 23rd floor. The building is up on top of a hill so it seems like you are even up higher than what you really are! The best thing about the new place is the view. We have a patio that is on the roof of the building! The view is just amazing!

The main living room is HUGE! It is 40 feet long so we actually have 2 living rooms setup. We also have a fireplace, which is nice.

My room is the largest because I needed room for my “office”. I really like how I have things setup, but I still have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do.

It feels so good to have my office back and it is really going to help me get more work done! Also the large living room and outdoor patio are great for relaxing and getting my mind off things. Once we get everything setup I will make another post with updated photos.