Working From Home – No Motivation

As I always say there are ups and downs to doing what I do. I work from home, mainly working on ThinkComputers. While to some this may seem like an awesome job, I make my own hours, I’m my own boss, etc. There is 1 thing that is hard to overcome, it’s the lack of motivation I have some days. This lack of motivation causes me to get less work done and makes doing work not at all that interesting. I mean I am getting paid obviously to do what I do, the checks come each month but lately that really is not that motivating.

I think that many people that work from home have this same problem. I have been thinking about it and I’ve come up with a few solutions for people who work from home and have no motivation.

Change Your Workspace
Sometimes you feel like you’re stuck when your workspace is always the same. Take a few hours and change it around, move your desk etc. This way you feel like you have a clean slate to get back to work. If you can’t change things around then at least clean up, even that will help you out. Another thing you might want to try is taking a day per week to work from a coffee shop or a place like Panera Bread. This way you are in a different environment.

Go To Conventions
One thing I look forward to every year is CES. It is one of the only times that I feel like I have a real job. I have meetings every day and I actually have a real schedule that I have to keep. I also have to wear dress clothes! People acknowledge ThinkComputers and what I do, that gives me so much more motivation then talking to someone over e-mail. If there is a convention for the industry that you are in definitely check it out, it will be worth the trip.

Another great way to meet new people and gain motivation is to check out some local meetups in your area. Check out and see if there are any meetups that might interest you in your area. If you are a Twitter user tweetups are becoming popular, they are basically a meetup of twitter users. Meetups are really cool because you can explain what you do to other people and if they are interested in it that gives you motivation.

One of the easiest ways to escape from your normal work is to start a blog. You will be surprised how many people you will meet through blogging. Just like when you meet people out in the real word if people are interested in what you do that will give you motivation to work hard and make your business better.