Ok it has been 6 days since I have updated!!!  As I said before my time management sucks so I have not updated my blog!  The past week has been busy trying to work on all of my sites and still have time for other things.  Here are some updates…

I have been keeping up with reviews posting 3-5 a week plus posting daily news.  I also am working on some visual improvements, but thats later down the road.  We have also picked up a few new sponsors so thats good.  Our new reviewer JD is working out really well.  He starts back at Clarion tommorow, I hope that does not slow down his review process.

CONTENT!!  I have been trying to get REAL content for the site.  Games to review and hard to come by so I have a few articles in the works.  Also I have been trying to post news each day, even if its one thing. 

I have been trying to keep up with posting news.  Sometimes it is just so hard to find good news that people will actually like.  I am also working on some articles for some REAL content

Well if you didn’t know I have started a MySpace site.  Why?  Well if you think Myspace has so many users and is so popular you really cannot pass up the marketing opportunity.  MyProfileResource provides users with images and other things they can put on their profile.  Unlike other sites out there all of the content is original.  It is going good, I try to make something new for it each week.

So that is what is basically going on with me, I will update regularly….I hope