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Unique Blog Designs 1 Year Anniversary Contest!

Being so busy with my own contest and my 24th birthday I didn’t even realize that it was Unique Blog designs 1 year anniversary! I can remember back when I met Nate and they were first starting the company. He would always tell me about his 12-16 hour days and working in the cramped apartment. Now they are living in a nice house and are doing well for themselves. It just shows you that hard work does pay off! Unique Blog designs have done many custom blog designs blogs like John Chow, Shoemoney, Zac Johnson, and Uber Affiliate. Nate was also nice enough to help me out on my new layout.

To celebrate their 1 year anniversary they are giving away a brand new 8GB iPod Touch and their new Citrus WordPress theme. There are also 3 runner up prizes which are a copy of the new Citrus WordPress theme.

To enter the contest all you have to do is reply to Nate’s post on his blog. And for 5 more entries you can write a blog post about the contest linking back to the post. Their contest will go on until the end of August so hurry up and enter!