The Pens Head to the Eastern Conference Finals

I haven’t talked about hockey here on the blog for a while so it is about time. It’s May why am I talking about hockey? Well for most teams the season is over, but for 4 teams the season is still going strong. One of those 4 teams is the Pittsburgh Penguins! Yesterday they eliminated the New York Rangers to go on to the Eastern Conference Finals. I was lucky enough to be able to go to a playoff game and man was it crazy! I had never heard Mellon Area so loud in my life! You can check out photos from the game on my Flickr page.

So it’s on to the Eastern Conference finals where we will play the Philadelphia Flyers. People are saying this is going to be the best series of all of the playoffs. For one it’s an inner-state rivalry and two the teams hate each other. All of the games we have played against them in the regular season have been brutal and have had fights in them. Honestly I think we are a better team then the flyers with players like Malkin, Crosby, and Hossa, but it is going to be a tough series for sure. The Flyers always have a way of beating us, but that was the case with the Rangers too, but we were able to take them out in 5 games.

Last year everyone thought the Penguins were going to make it all the way. We won our division and everything, but the thing we lacked was experience and we got knocked out in the first round. This year we have the experience and have gone through a lot with Crosby and Fleury being out for extended periods of time with injuries. All of that brings a team together and makes them want to win even more. With that said I think the Penguins can take the Flyers in 6 games. Game 1 is on Friday in Pittsburgh so LET’S GO PENS!!