The 4th of July in Pittsburgh

For the first time in quite a few years I actually went out and did something on the 4th of July. This year I decided to go hang out with friends and try and enjoy the day. We all headed down to station square and once down there we walked across the Fort Pitt Bridge to the point where they had boat racing and other water events going on. From there we walked across the Fort Duquesne bridge to the north shore where most of the regatta events were going on. We got to check out some freestyle motocross, which I had never seen live, and there was other fun things to do like rock climbing and some other games. Also there was a ton of food, which everyone seemed to like. The weather was a little overcast, but luckily there was no rain, which would have ruined the day.

A few of my friends tried the “hard” side of the rock climbing wall. If you were to complete it you would win $100. No one that we watched in the 30+ minutes we were standing there made it more than a few feet off the ground on the hard side. It was funny to watch them try though! We finally headed back over to station square to watch the fireworks and relax after the long day of walking around. The fireworks were pretty good and I have to say this was one of the best 4th of July’s that I’ve had in quite a while! Here is a quick video that I made of the day…

The 4th of July in Pittsburgh from Bob Buskirk on Vimeo.