Our First Blog Sponsor

If you haven’t noticed by now you don’t see the Google ads on the blog anymore. They have been replaced by a JohnChow.com ad. The reason for that is he is our first blog sponsor! Well actually second behind Create Business Growth, which has bought a TLA ad on this page for the past 2 months, but John is our first direct advertiser. That means I get 100% commission, no company taking part of what they sell the ad for.

Anyone can tell you that you will make a lot more money by selling ads on your sites direct and it’s true. The reason John bought the ads was I was telling him that Google was not performing well at all on my blog and that I was going to take it off. After I told him how much it was making me he made an offer for the spot and I didn’t hesitate to take it! It was a lot more than what the Google ads would have earned me!

After selling that ad I am thinking about offering a few other ad placements on the blog. I have a few ideas, but I wanted to know what you people thought about that idea. I want to try to roll out the new ad placements by early next month. Although for them to sell I have to keep my posting up! Let me know your thoughts, thanks!