November Thoughts

Well November was once again another slow blogging month for me. Once again it is because of ThinkComputers, it is the holiday season so we are pumping out reviews like crazy. Also I have been working really hard on ThinkPenguins as well. I only managed to get out 10 blog posts this month, which is only 2 more than last month. Hopefully I will be posting more this month, but who knows. Time management is going to be a key thing for me this month! Out of the 10 posts I made this month my favorite was A Weekend off and Some Fun. It was great getting away for a weekend and seeing a Penn State football game!

Popular Posts
What was everyone reading in November? Here are the top 5 posts that received the most traffic in November.

Once again some of my older posts are still getting good traffic.

Traffic Sources
So where is all this traffic coming from? Here are the top referring sites from November.

Once again and Facebook are in my top traffic sources, social networking will bring you traffic!

Top Commentators
I actually remembered to take a screenshot of the Top Commentators for November…

The top commentators were Mike Huang, Women’s Clothes, BigMan, Josh Zehtabchi, and Michael Kwan.

Stats Tracker

Moving on to December
Once again I hope to write more posts then I did in November, I need to get back into the blogging groove. It has been hard for me to find things to blog about, especially since I haven’t been checking out other people’s blogs that often. If you know a cool blog I should check out add it in the comments!