New Design Giveaway Winners!

This contest had to be the best contest I have run on the blog, probably because of the great prizes! I want to thank John Chow, Ian Fernando, and Jon Waraas for providing the prizes for the contest. We had 57 comments on the post, many people blogged about it, and we had quite a few people sign up for the RSS by e-mail. Having all of the entries made it a pain to go through and randomly pick winners. I used excel and a custom script to pick the winners. It is much easier than printing out the names and picking them out of a hat. Stay tuned for a post about doing random selection in excel. Anyways here are the winners… 1 month Stripe Ad: Danny
Griffin iPhone Prize Pack: seb.majin (RSS via e-mail winner)
OptIn Comments WordPress Plugin: banji
50 Answers from David Lithman

Congrats to all of the winners! Most of the people who provided the prizes are still coming back from Blog World Expo so expect few days before you get contacted about your prize. Thanks to everyone for participating in the giveaway and if you have any suggestions for a new contest please let me know!

Contests are a great way to bring more traffic to your site. Many people blogged about this contest so that brought extra traffic, plus since John Chow provided a prize he blogged about it. And we all know how much traffic that can bring to your blog! Also when people subscribe to your RSS feed that increases your reach even further.