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John Chow’s Market Leverage Affiliate Challenge

It looks like John Chow and Market Leverage have teamed up again to bring you another contest. All new Market Leverage members to sign up through the contest have the chance to win an iPod Touch and $200 Market Leverage American Express Rewards Card. They are doing the contest much like the Top Affiliate Challenge. So the top Market Leverage earner in 1 month will win the prizes. The iPod Touch and $200 Amex card give you some motivation to get into affiliate marketing if you haven’t already.

John is also giving away 10 2GB Market Leverage USB pens! The first 10 people who make $10 with Market Leverage will be sent a 2GB USB pen. Not only that, John is giving away a Flip Mino too! If you are already a Market Leverage member or do not want to compete in the contest then all you have to do is reply to the contest post for an entry into Flip Mino giveaway. If you blog about the contest you will be given 5 more entries!

This is a really great contest if you are looking to get into affiliate marketing. The prizes will definitely give you some motivation to really work on offers etc. I think I will be doing the challenge, hopefully I will have time. I got into affiliate marketing after I go back from Ad:Tech, but I was not that successful with it. Hopefully I can do better this time around. Check out all the details over at the contest page on John’s Blog.