Going Hard – 20 Days of Content!

Well if you have been checking out ThinkComputers lately you would have noticed something new on the site for the past 20 days! That is definitely a record for us! Normally we would be posting 3-5 reviews a week, but I decided to take it to the next level and really step it up. 7 reviews a week really is a lot, but we have great sponsors sending us a good amount of product and I have a solid team of writers getting the reviews done. I big thanks goes out to them, Colin Dean, Frank Stroupe, Greg Baden, and Michael Kwan. Before I decided to really push the limit there were a few things I had to consider…

Why am I Doing this?
Well I also say I want to take ThinkComputers to the next level. That means producing more content, working with larger companies, and letting more and more people know about ThinkComputers. We have be slowly moving up the ranks and larger companies have been working with us, but I really wanted more. I wanted more traffic, more products, and most importantly more name recognition. These are the reasons and my motivation for doing this.

The System
My old system was a lazy system. I have come to realize that ThinkComputers is what is most important to me, over this blog and other projects. I mean if ThinkComputers fails I have to go back to working a 9-5 and who wants that? So my old system of work was not going to cut it. Before I had no real schedule and I was posting reviews at night. Now I have a strict schedule and I’m posting reviews as soon as I get up in the morning. Getting a review posted each day is the most important thing so I get that out of the way first. I also installed dada mail on my server so I can easily send out the mass e-mail from anywhere, not just from my main computer.

Free Time
Before it seemed like I never had any free time. Probably because I was waiting all day to do the most important thing, post a review. Now I have that done and most of my other work done by 3-4PM so I have the rest of the day to do other things. In order to push this much content you can’t be working 24/7 because you will eventually burn out.

Well I went 20 days straight doing this and the only reason I missed day 21 is because of bad traffic and I forgot to bring my portable hard drive over to my friend’s house! Since that one missed day I have yet to miss another one. Right now we have a good amount of products coming in that we should be able to keep this pace up.