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Experiencing Conferences on the Web

Well yesterday was the 140 Twitter Conference in Los Angeles, CA. I Love Twitter and would have loved to have been at the event, but it really wasn’t worth going to for the costs involved. So I found out via Twitter that they were streaming the conference live! So all day yesterday I watched the conference while doing work. Now what was the point of that? Most of the sessions were streamed and I got a lot of insightful information from them, even though I was not physically there at the conference.

I have noticed this a lot, with services like USTREAM.tv, Justin.tv and Stickam that many conferences are being streamed over the internet. What great about this is that it is completely free not only for you to watch, but for the conference organizers to setup because the services I just listed are free to use for anyone.

So what’s so great about watching a conference online? Like I said for me the 140 conference was just too much of an expense to go to (plane ticket & hotel), so being able to watch it online was a way to still take in the information without any cost to me at all. Also as I said most of the sessions I watched were very interesting and I learned and got ideas from them. Finally most online streaming services allow users to record or save their broadcasts so if you missed the conference yesterday you will probably be able to watch it online on your own time when it is convenient to you.

So next time you hear about a conference and are not able to make it physically to the conference see if they are streaming it. If so you still will be able to check out the speaker sessions and maybe more. The 140 Twitter Conference is still going on today so check it out if you can.