Diversify Your Online Income

Many people think there only one type on online advertising. That is not true at all. There are all different types, banner ads, text ads, contextual ads, etc. To maximize your online income you should use a mix of all different types of ads / advertising companies. You can’t rely on just one because you will only make so much. I have experienced this on ThinkComputers with Google so over the past 3 months I have been seeking out new and different advertising companies to maximize my income. So I will be telling you a little about those as well the ones I have been using for quite some time.

Google Adsense
Google Adsense is probably the most used and most popular type of advertising out there. Google is easy to sign up for and implement. Google will display text and banners ads relevant to what is on your page. These relevant ads will more likely be clicked than ads about something completely opposite of what your website is about. Click here to signup for Google Adsense

Vibrant Media
Vibrant Media specializes in in-text advertising. In-text advertising is where words on your website are highlighted with a double underline. If you hover over them with your mouse a small add will popup. What’s great about this is you don’t need a specific advertising spot for it, it goes right in your text. Add you have to do is add the code and Vibrant does the rest. Vibrant is quite hard to get into, but if you contact me with your site stats I will can contact my rep and send him your info, which should give you a better chance of getting in.

ValueClick Media
ValueClick Media is another well-known advertising company. They offer a lot of different types of ads from banner ads to in-video advertising. One thing I really like about them is you can enable and disable certain ads that are displaying. So if you see an ad that is not relevant to your site you can go in and disable it. You can signup for ValueClick Media here.

Text Link Ads
Do you ever see a row a links on the side of a page? It’s a good chance those ads are from Text Link Ads. Text Link Ads sells text ads on your site. Why not do it yourself? Well it is very hard to find advertisers and Text Link Ads has a great marketplace for advertisers to look through. So you have a better chance of selling ads through them then selling them yourself. You can signup for Text Link Ads here.

TTZ Media
TTZ Media is a Shopping.com network that provides great product banner advertisements. This is great for review sites and other product related sites. If a product is listed on Shopping.com I can make an ad out of it. It is the best advertising your can get because it is 100% relevant with what you are reviewing. The TTZ Media network is currently closed to new affiliates, but if you have a review site and are interested please contact me.

Auction Ads
Auction Ads is quite a new company, but is becoming very popular. It is a BIG eBay affiliate. What they do is enable you the user to make more money with them instead of with eBay’s affiliate program. Auction ads will display eBay auctions on your site by keyword. I have just added this to ThinkComputers and it has worked well so far. You can signup for Auction Ads here.

ReviewMe really is not an advertising company. It is an online service where you get paid to review something. You list your site and set your review price and people who want exposure for their site / product will pay for you to review their product on your site / blog. Review me is a great way to make easy money. The hardest thing is getting that first review. You can signup for ReviewMe here.

These are just some of the different advertising companies out there. There is a ton! The biggest thing to remember is that you need to no reply on just 1 income source. I’ve been able to make a lot more by using different advertising companies. Hopefully you can too!