An Update…

Ok well I thought I would let everyone know how things go as far as all of my sites are concerned.  Things are going very well and I am hoping to have a record setting holiday season.  Right now I am working full time on 3 of my main sites: ThinkComputers, ThinkGaming, and MyProfileResource.  Everything else is being put on the back burner while I get all of these sites to make a GOOD amount of money.

As always we are posting 5-7 reviews a week and constantly are having new products come in.  I have just hired my good friend Jason to write for the site.  Just in time too, the holiday season is right around the corner and we are going to be getting crushed with products to review.  Also I am looking into some advertising for the site, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.  Our traffic has been increasing a little each month and I hope to be pushing a higher level of constant traffic.

Well it’s back!  I have a passion for gaming and I really could not give up on this site.  I totally redesigned the site to look like ThinkComputers and it is doing well.  I am also keeping up with it, posting daily news and getting some good content.  I am working on getting some games to review and hopefully we can pickup some advertisers.  The biggest thing I have to do right now is get traffic to the site.  After that things should just fall into place.  ThinkGaming is still looking for a few good writers if anyone is interested.

The past week I have been adding something new each day.  The increase in traffic has been great.  Hopefully if I keep this up the site will make a good amount of money.  I am also looking for a new Joomla template for the site, a 3 column instead of the 2 column I am using.  If anyone knows any good ones please let me know.  Once I get a little more content on the site I will also be looking into advertising and affiliates.

Ok so right now that is what is going on with my sites.  I do hope to get the ThinkNetwork fully working by using RSS feeds from all of my sites and the ThinkNetwork pulling all of the information from each site to one main place were people can check it out.  Of course I do not know how to even go about doing that yet, so I have to research it.  But hopefully I will have a record breaking Q4 and a good holiday season!!