2009 PC Race for Charity

Every year at CES I make it a point to make it to the Tiger Direct PC Race for Charity. Mainly because it is good to do something for charity and it has some of the best food out of all of the press events during CES. The PC Race is a PC building competition where members of the press all compete to see who can build a computer the fastest. The winner gets $10,000 to the charity of their choice and the computer they build as goes to that charity. Even if you get last place in the race the computer you build still goes to your charity so you are helping a charity out even if you lose.

The PC’s are already half way built with the motherboard, CPU, CPU cooler and power supply already installed. All you have to do is install the hard drives, optical drives, memory, video card, sound card, etc. The thing that makes it hard is that you have to follow guidelines like 4 screws per hard drive etc. If you miss a screw you get penalized. So you really have to read the directions and concentrate on what you are doing.

I have competed in the PC Race before but this year I decided to let Colin do the race. The PC race is usually the first night of CES and by that time I’m completely exhausted and I just want to relax and get some food. So Colin went ahead and did the race for ThinkComputers and did well placing 4th with a time of 6:37. Here are some pictures from the event.