Visiting the Office

Since I was in San Francisco for ad:tech I decided I would stop by the office and say what’s up to the staff. It is really cool being able to go to the offices of a website or service you use. The staff was more than happy to let us come and hang out for a little while. Since Krystyl lives in San Francisco her and I headed down to the office and met up with Patrick (lifedoc). The office isn’t anything great to look at from the outside, but it’s a startup, so you can’t expect something amazing.

When we came into the office everyone introduced themselves and we were able to hang out for a bit before Michael took us out to lunch. During lunch Michael talked about the future of and what they have planned and asked our opinion on what they have coming out. He also asked us what we would like to see on and anything that we did not like on the site. It was nice being able to discuss our issues with with the actual staff. It is not often you get to do that with any company or service that you use. I like that was so open to suggestions and criticism from its users.

We went back into the office and hung out for a bit longer. Although the office is old it is quite big, there is more than enough room for everyone to work. Thinking about it I would love a space like that for ThinkComputers, it would be perfect for day to day work and product testing. The crew was very busy, but the atmosphere there seemed very relaxed.

Justin of

The day I left to come back home we all stopped by the office and we talked with Michael about ways could make money, and even how even broadcasters could make money. It was great shooting ideas back and forth. Also during that day Phil was giving a tour of the office on the help channel and included us in it.

If you want to watch my channel you can check it out here.