ThinkGaming On Slashdot

Well yesterday an article on ThinkGaming was posted to Slashdot. Now it was not posted on the front page of Slashdot, but on their gaming page, none the less it brought a ton of people to ThinkGaming. The article has got over 9700 hits so far, much better than the normal 400-700 a regular article gets. Now a Slashdot on any site is good, but when ThinkComputers gets Slashdotted it is usually for a product review, and in the review is a matching ad. Usually that ad gets clicked over 1000 times, but since the article on ThinkGaming has no matching ad then profits were not as great. I am still very happy, all of the sites in The Think Network have been on Slashdot except for our new Events page. Hopefully this will keep up traffic on ThinkGaming and bring more return visitors to the site.