The [ED]ition Contest!

Fellow blogger Ed Lau is having a contest, and has put together a pretty good list of prizes! We will get to them in a second! Ed’s blog is one of my favorites and is on my bookmark list (I don’t use a RSS reader). Over the past few months I have been reading his blog extensively. He took quite a long trip to Japan and blogged about it all! Being a fan of all things Japanese I checked his site every day! Some of my favorite posts include, Lost in Harajuku!, Sushi Dai @ Tskukiji Fish Market, Yebisu Beer Museum, and Torafugtei – Posonous Fugu! It is really great that Ed blogged his trip, it gave people like me who have yet to travel to Japan a sense of what it is like and some of the crazy things he saw.

Now for the contest! Like I said Ed has a good list of prizes, they include:

Prize #1: A stripe ad for 1 month, which usually costs $250. This is the ad that appears at the top of the site. Sponsored by John Chow.
Prize #2: A 125×125 ad (this is the box ad you see to the top right) on my site for 3 months, a 2GB USB Flash Drive from Gigabyte.
Prize #3: Apple iPod Nano 2G Black 8GB. I was going to give this away a long time ago but forgot about it. Still brand new. Not as pretty as the new 4G Nano but still an 8GB iPod Nano. Also, a 2GB USB Flash Drive from Buffalo.
Prize #4: A box DVD of the 1st season of one of my favorite TV shows How I Met Your Mother and a 4GB USB Flash Drive from Sony.

It is really easy to enter the contest too! For 1 entry you can comment on the contest post. For 3 entries you can follow Ed on Twitter. And for 5 entries you can blog about the contest! Wish me luck!