Some new blog features!

You may have noticed some new features on the blog the past few days. I have been meaning to add these features for a while now. So let’s see what is new.

First off I FINALLY updated wordpress to version 2.1. This was well over due, especially because the version I was using before had a lot of security vulnerabilities. John’s and Stephen’s blogs both got attacked by someone exploiting these vulnerabilities. So I guess I am lucky no one has tried to mess with my blog, or maybe I’m just not that popular!

The first feature I implemented was threaded comments. This allows users to actually reply to specific comments, not just to reply to the post. This makes post discussion a lot better and when you reply to someone they are know you are talking to them. Threaded comments are achieved with Brian’s Threaded Comments plugin.

Keeping up with your comments may be a tough thing to do, especially if you visit and comment on a lot of blogs. With this in mind I installed the Subscribe to comments plugin. This will ad a check box in the comment section that users can click that will subscribe them to the comments via e-mail. So when someone comments on the post they are notified.

One thing I really like about a lot of blogs and even websites is that if you are reading a certain post at the bottom of the page there is a list of related links. These links are other posts that deal with the same thing as what is being said in the post you are reading. That is why I had to add the related posts plugin.

I have seen a lot of my friends add MyBlogLog to their blogs so I did the same. It is really cool to see the different people that view your page and you can checkout their MyBlogLog profile and see what blogs / sites they author. With the addition of MyBlogLog I have also added MyAvatars. It actually puts a user’s MyBlogLog picture in their comments. This really puts a face to your readers.

So that’s about it for the blog updates. If you know of any other worthwhile plugins that you don’t see on my blog please let me know, thanks!