RSS Feeds and Paid Advertising

After integrating feedburner with my blog I decided it would be a good idea to add it to some of my other sites.  I really never used RSS feeds on any of my sites.  My main sites do not use a CMS so its not like there is an RSS feed that you can easily enable and your all setup.  I was lucky enough to be using cutenews on ThinkGaming so I can make a news feed of the latest news posts by just enabling it in cutenews.  Thats all I really wanted on ThinkGaming because the actual site content does not get updated that often.  Now for ThinkComputers I wanted an RSS feed of the actual content.  This meant I had to actually hand code the RSS feed.  It was a pain in the ass!!  Well 2 and a half hours later and about 20 runs through the RSS Feed Validator I finally had an RSS feed for ThinkComputers content.  You can check out the Feedburner link here.

Also while surfing the sitepoint forums a couple of days ago I came across a gaming site called GamersMark selling a few advertising spots.  It was one of the first sites that I have seen selling advertising that I could actually use.  Gaming and Computers are one in the same so I decided to buy a month’s worth of advertising on their 468X60 spot for ThinkComputers.  I will see if there is any traffic increase from this purchase.

This is my first post of the month so I calculated my earnings, and I was not that excited.  I really slacked off the last part of the month so I only increased my daily average by 1 dollar a day.  Oh well it is a new month so we will see how things go!!