Review Number 800

Well if you head over to ThinkComputers today you will see the Griffin Wave iPhone Case Review. There really is nothing special about the review itself, but it is review #800 for ThinkComputers! That is sure a lot of products we have reviewed over that past 6 years! We posted review #700 back at the end of January so we are doing a good bit of reviews. Hopefully over the next couple of month we will be posting 5 reviews a week! I wouldn’t be able to do all this myself so I want to thank my staff, Colin Dean, Frank Stroupe, Greg Baden and Michael Kwan. Here are some of my favorite reviews from 700 to 800.

It seems like I have been writing reviews forever, but I love doing it and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Hopefully in another 4-5 months I will be making another post about review #900.